Death To Christianity and Egalitarianism

Death To Christianity and Egalitarianism

This Easter, as many before, we gather to celebrate a civilization which has been dying for a thousand years and the utter futility of doing anything about it because most people are ignorant and bigoted against any notion of civilization, culture, race, and heritage.

Instead they cling to “values,” or political notions like equality, rule of law, free markets, diversity, tolerance, inclusion, and Christianity. All of these are political values which have replaced actual culture and spirituality with a bureaucratic equivalent.

Consider Christianity. It must die, and will die, from the following fatal flaws:

  • Dualism: it believes in another world with rules different from this one, and by encouraging us to see this “higher” world, denies us the reality of our existence, and by doing that, in turn makes us disbelieve the higher world because of the negativity created in this one. Dualism is a mental trap and drives people insane; regular Platonism, that our world is part of a bigger space, makes more sense.
  • Written: if you want something to get handed to monkeys for reinterpretation in chaotic, incorrect, and generally idiotic ways, by all means write it down as a series of procedures and instructions. The rest of your monkey species will convert it to weaponized gibberish in no time. As a bonus, some of the most-reviled converters like Luther and Calvin were in fact restoring meaning that other monkeys had wrecked.
  • Superstitious: in Christianity, you have moral gods who intervene in this world to make things better in an absolute, egalitarian sense where every life matters; in ancient pagan and Hindu mythology, you have gods who intervene to keep the cycle of the ages going, but otherwise concern themselves little with human monkeys and in fact celebrate our moronic self-destruction.
  • Symbolic: Christianity leads directly to schizophrenia as you find yourself wondering what burning bush, writing on the wall, talking snake, or magic number is telling you what God thinks. Since it is moral, it depends talismans and devil dolls to keep you oriented toward obedience, and this creates a mentality of trying to parse reality as symbols, not a functional series of cause-to-effect relationships.
  • Foreign: no matter how much we try to dress it up, Christianity is part of the Judeo-Christian/Abrahamic religions (Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity) group that comes from the middle east. Even if it is mostly restated Greek ideas with a huge dose of Buddhism in the New Testament, Christianity remains alien to us in name, practice, and identity.

This being said, I love the old churches. I enjoy ancient hymns, The Book of Common Prayer, and the many works of art inspired by people who were Christian. Logically, however, I know that they would have been inspired to do the same things by our native religions, since art and craft are expressions of genetics, not taught through some book of Jewish and Arab fairytales.

As I child, I was always amused by blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy. It seemed to me that in any age there was a real need or problem (a “hidden elephant” in the room), a scapegoat and palliative indulgence that people pursued instead, and a series of taboos and talismans designed to keep people from discovering realism, i.e. the assessment of the moral goodness of actions by their functional competence in terms of results in reality and not what humans think of those or the “optics,” so that they would discover the hidden elephant and cast aside the useless behavior.

Once you get past the early stages of learning about history, it becomes clear that Christianity and egalitarianism are being used as crowd control. This means that we as a society recognize that most of us are a combination of crazy and stupid, and that these people need to be force-fed lies because otherwise they will destroy civilization. The dirty secret about 1984 is that it is necessary, because “freedom” means freedom for idiots, criminals, morons, and incompetents who then destroy civilization.

We use equality as our drug of choice because it shuts up the proles. They wanted equality so that there would be no social hierarchy, and our enemies wanted us to adopt equality because it destroys social unity. When everyone is equal, constant competition makes the most vicious psychopaths and sociopaths into successful people, and they promptly ruin society to the adulation of the crowd, who believe at face value the things they are told like that they are getting free stuff from government and about to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Any sane society would eugenically purge these people with gas chambers, wood chippers, electrocution, and any other means that would ensure that they do not breed and have zero influence. Smart societies exterminate proles. We have equality to keep us from understanding that we should be doing this, because once we have the equality brain-slug in our minds, we will keep tolerating morons, incompetents, parasites, neurotics, schizoids, retards, and other human waste around us, when in fact we should be ending their lives as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Since we tolerate having them around, we have to endlessly pretend. First we must pretend that proles are not stupid and criminal, generally, and that they are not less Cromagnon/Nordid and therefore broader-faced and lower-IQ than the ethnic Western Europeans we like to hang around. Then we have to pretend that groups like Irish, Spaniards, Italians, Slavs, Arabs, and Jews are not mostly-White but racially-mixed people who therefore have lost the ability to make Western Civilization. Finally we have to pretend that anyone likes having transsexuals around, since they do not and see them as circus freaks, and that being homosexual is somehow admirable, even though to every parent it means either mutation or molestation and therefore is a tragic thing, the death of a family line, not something to celebrate.

We also have to pretend that heterosexuals are not grossed out by homosexual sex, and that homosexual men are not grossed out by women. We have to pretend that women are as intelligent as men and can do the same things, just like we have to pretend that eighteen-year-olds know enough to vote, or even the primal The Enlightenment™-era fallacy that people possess “equal wisdom,” when most people are too dense to be trusted with ordering lunch. We have to pretend that there is not a hierarchy of social class among our people, and that some are more competent than the rest, which means that they should order the less-competent around.

We have to pretend that diversity works, instead of being the same crisis that is international politics, but in your nation instead. We have to pretend that these modern cheeseburgers and donuts have real nutrition, instead of being the poisonous “democratized” food that they are. We have to pretend that we are not swimming in internal combustion engine and industrial pollution that is killing us, sleepless from noisy nights, going to make-work jobs and schools that are moron fascinators and crowd control, and that popular culture is a total waste of time.

We have to also pretend that democracy can somehow work, even though the morons always have the numbers and even smart people in voting groups use cognitive dissonance to re-adjust their expectations so that they can pretend they want what they think the group wants, leading to a constant lowered standard. We have to pretend that egalitarian economics is not a tragedy of the commons, and that freedom in free markets does not achieve the same result (albeit more slowly). We have to pretend that most people are good, when in fact most of them are incompetent, and even the nice ones usually make stupid decisions because they lack the biological/genetic ability to do differently.

We have to pretend (finally) in free will, and that we are not merely computing machines assembled around a program of our genetics, with a few choices that most refuse to make because they are cowards. We have to pretend that human perceptions are more important than reality, something we defer like death to a time beyond our minds, instead of accepting our world as it is and maximizing it by spending our time on useful stuff instead of make-work, pretend, acting, conforming, tolerating, obeying, including, and otherwise pissing away our irreplaceable hours on making morons feel comfortable.

I love heresy. Turn that cross upside down; death to Jesus Christ, and to all who believe in “equality.” Happy (d)Easter!

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