TM 926 Rob Dukes of Generation Kill / ex-Exodus On this episode of Talking Metal, Mark Strigl speaks with former Exodus and current Generation Kill vocalist Rob Dukes. Topics include the new upcoming Generation Kill album MK Ultra, the band’s new song Never Relent featuring Gary Holt, producer/mixer Zeus, John […]

Pig Destroyer (Blake Harrison) Will Pig Destroyer make it to the UK this winter to headline a sold-out Damnation and if so, where else are they planning to play on a rare overseas venture? Blake Harrison, the band’s electronics maestro, tour manager, manager and social media voice joins Damnation Vs […]

Gangrena – Hexekution (EP, 2021) © ALL RIGHTS GO TO GANGRENA GANGRENA is a Black/Thrash n Roll band from Vilnius, Lithuania ► TRACKLIST 1. Intro 00:00 2. Spread Your Legs For Satan 01:04 3. Disco On Fire 03:56 4. Graveyard Patrol 06:42 5. Sadistfaction 10:10 RELEASE DATE: May 7, 2021 […]