Pig Destroyer (Blake Harrison) Will Pig Destroyer make it to the UK this winter to headline a sold-out Damnation and if so, where else are they planning to play on a rare overseas venture? Blake Harrison, the band’s electronics maestro, tour manager, manager and social media voice joins Damnation Vs […]

Gangrena – Hexekution (EP, 2021) © ALL RIGHTS GO TO GANGRENA GANGRENA is a Black/Thrash n Roll band from Vilnius, Lithuania ► TRACKLIST 1. Intro 00:00 2. Spread Your Legs For Satan 01:04 3. Disco On Fire 03:56 4. Graveyard Patrol 06:42 5. Sadistfaction 10:10 RELEASE DATE: May 7, 2021 […]

INTERVIEW: Hooded Menace Finland’s Death-Doom Metal titans HOODED MENACE recently announced the release of their 6th full length album “The Tritonus Bell” on Season Of Mist Records. I decided to have a talk with lead composer Lasse. 1 Firstly let’s look at the history of how Hooded Menace came to […]

156: Ten Years Of Babymetal To celebrate our blockbuster new issue, Merl, El and Steve take a look back at the whirlwind career of Babymetal so far, from their origins in a completely different, teen J-pop group, to their breakthrough in the UK with Gimme Chocolate!!, to stealing the show […]