Video Premiere: Kosmodemonic – “Moirai” Kosmodemonic comes to us from Brooklyn with their latest jam, “Moirai,” a testament to black metal and doom alchemy. The band professes devotion to bands like Craft, Triptykon, YOB and Voivod, and that certainly becomes clear when listening to the song. It’s a meaty slab […]

Doomsday // April 2021 Hail to you all, Heaviest of Bloggers! I hope spring has sprung for most of you. I live in Denver, CO where we don’t technically have spring so much as a single nice sunny day in the mid 60s followed by wet snowstorms that drop the […]

The Doomies Preview Show! This week on Doomed & Stoned Choice Cuts we go inside the first annual Doomed & Stoned Awards (aka the Doomies), with an emphasis on both the Best Song and Best Cover Song nominations. See the complete list for all 8 award categories in The Official […]

PHOTOSHOOTS & YOU ~Bacon’s Blog~ The Advice Column For Bands Photograph by Randy J Byrd So one of the things that I think people need to be spending more time on is their band photos. This is such a crucial component for bands and people often don’t really invest the […]