Tännebränne — Storm (2021) Band: TännebränneAlbum: StormYear: 2021Genre: Progressive Melodic Death MetalCountry: Sweden (Stockholm)  Format | Quality: mp3 | 320 kbpsLabel: Self-Released  Web Page: FB | BC Tracklist: 1. Fall 2. Storm 3. Selen 4. Ordning 5. Änglamakerskan 6. Aktas, backas, tuktas 7. Ursinnes tider  Listen Download | Mirror | Mirror The post Tännebränne — Storm (2021) first appeared on Technical […]

The Anatomy Of – Scarred When I stumbled upon Scarred’s new self-titled album, it was one of those “came for the cover, stayed for the music” moments. While the band’s groovy tech death foundation reminded me of post-Nihility Decapitated, there’s a great deal more depth to their sound, namely prog […]

Death’s Door // April 2021 Welcome to Death’s Door, gang. Not gonna lie, not the loudest or most epic death metal month for me when it comes to breadth of listening. Nevertheless, we’ve got some absolute hitters to share with you that are well worth your time! We also have […]

Death To Christianity and Egalitarianism This Easter, as many before, we gather to celebrate a civilization which has been dying for a thousand years and the utter futility of doing anything about it because most people are ignorant and bigoted against any notion of civilization, culture, race, and heritage. Instead […]

GRISHKA – I (Review) Band: GRISHKA Album: I Genre: Metal/Hardcore Punk Country: USA Release Date: 8th of March, 2021 Released via Self-Released Cover Artwork © Andy Drogynous Recently, the YouTube channel Hate5Six uploaded the set of a new band from Baltimore that had me hooked with its aggressive sound after […]

Steel Bearing Hand – Slay in Hell Review It was the band’s logo that did it. Skulking around the promo bin like a slightly more disheveled Grima Wormtongue, I noticed this monstrosity right away. Take a closer look and you’ll see everything that makes metal metal: “Steel” written out with […]

The Beast of Nod – Multiversal Review The Beast of Nod‘s Vampira: Disciple of Chaos was one of the coolest indie death metal albums back in 2018. The icy hunk of sharp, odd prog-death featured unique songwriting, delightfully insane humor, an entertaining story with fascinating characters, and a thousand hooks […]

Banshee – “Caw!” (Full Album 2017) Wild Psychedelic Punk Banshee-“Caw!” LP – 2017 – Banshee Records BR42069 1. “Wave to the Police” (0:00-5:12) 2. “Culture Vulture” (5:13-7:29) 3. “Dance of the Dead” (7:32-13:39) 4. “Devil’s Eyes” (13:40-21:36) 5. “Inside the Walls” (21:39-29:50) 6. “Lookin Good” (29:51-33:40) 7. “Copcaller” (33:41-41:06) Banshee […]