black midi – ‘Cavalcade’ | Album Review Cavalcade is out now via Rough Trade Records. After their stunning 2019 debut Schlagenheim, the world was left wondering how the back then four-piece experimental post-punk outfit black midi would elevate and expand their work for future endeavours. The announced hiatus of vocalist/guitarist […]

European anthems to bring us together European anthems to bring us together Music is present everywhere, even within the grandest sports events throughout the world. Some of the songs performed at events like Super Bowl, World Cup and UEFA are forever remembered and makes deep impressions on people’s hearts. Since […]

Obcasus “Omega Prophet” (2021) Country: Finland Genre: Melodic Black Metal Label: Self-release-Independent Quality: 320 Tracklist: 1. Intro  2. Wishgranter  3. Slaves of the Puritan Lies  4. Curse of the Divine Prayer  5. Into the Death’s Purifying Fire  6. Venomous Tongue 7. Omega Prophet Time Album: 34:20 Bandcamp Download Published at Tue, […]

Mustan Kuun Lapset “Kruunu” (2021) Country: Finland Genre: Acoustic Label: Inverse Records Quality: 320 Tracklist: 1. Kruunu  2. Peikonmieli (Acoustic Version)  3. Matkalainen  4. Ikaros (Acoustic Version) 5. Aaria (Acoustic Version)  6. Kosketus Pohjaan 7. Saatto (Acoustic Version) 8. Kuolemanvirta (Acoustic Version)  9. The Dream About A Dying Angel  10. […]