Six Feet Under – Nightmares of the Decomposed (2020 Full album)

Six Feet Under – Nightmares of the Decomposed (2020 Full album)

Six feet under full album Nightmares of the Decomposed. Latest 2020 #SixFeetUnder full album.
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◄ Songs on the new Six feet under #NightmaresOfTheDecomposed album:

The Rotting
Death Will Follow
The Noose
Blood of the Zombie
Self Imposed Death Sentence
Dead Girls Don’t Scream
Drink Blood Get High
Labyrinth of Insanity
Without Your Life

◄ Members:
Chris Barnes: Vocals
Jack Owen: Guitar
Ray Suhy: Guitar
Jeff Hughell: Bass
Marco Pitruzzella: Drums

◄ Studio albums
Haunted (1995)
Warpath (1997)
Maximum Violence (1999)
True Carnage (2001)
Bringer of Blood (2003)
13 (2005)
Commandment (2007)
Death Rituals (2008)
Undead (2012)
Unborn (2013)
Crypt of the Devil (2015)
Torment (2017)
Nightmares of the Decomposed (2020)

◄ Drum notation ♪♪♫:
◄ My GEAR:


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– DP Cajon:

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I’m Bobnar Simon, the drummer from Slovenia. I make drum covers & funny interpretations on drums. Currently, I’m the drummer of band Vulvathrone, session/live drummer of Melechesh (from 2016 on) and I also play as one man band with funny stand up drum shows 🙂

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