Chop Shop Episode 2 – Sean Meyers (Gates to the Morning)

CHOP SHOP Episode 1: Enrico Mariuzzo by Thrashcast • A podcast on Anchor

Enrico Mariuzzo from Seattle’s Drastic Down Sit down with Fancy Kennedy live on the set of Billy Boldt’s Thrash Zone and talks about his guitar playing on the latest Drastic Down record and discusses the playing of Marty Freidman, Yngwie Malmsteen and others

Published at Sat, 29 May 2021 05:03:19 GMT

Chop Shop Episode 2 – Sean Meyers (Gates to the Morning)

New Jersey’s Sean Meyers, Drummer for Gates to the Morning sits down with Fancy Kennedy and talks about his musical upbringing, current projects and influences, then gives some great drumming examples including some advanced Jazz technics.

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Published at Sun, 30 May 2021 21:05:41 GMT

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