Live Fast Die: The GG Allin story (Short Documentary 2008)

Live Fast Die: The GG Allin story (Short Documentary 2008)

A Short Documentary I made on the infamous GG AlLLIN back when I was in college. Took almost 3 years to produce due to funds (being students and from Toronto, ON Canada), crew dropping out (due to subject matter the more they got involved), Professors (that fought me and didn’t see the vision), or just problems all together. Overall my vision from late 2005 beat the odds and my crew that was dedicated as I was, won Best Documentary presented by CTV Canada at the Sherdian MA Awards 2008. I have over the last couple of years wanted to expand it to a full length documentary, with the proper funds and Merle Allin on board. I know, we can finally pull off the ultimate GG Allin documentary! It could happen. But I will let the people decide based on the example student documentary. LIVE FAST DIE: GG ALLIN is still the king of the rock and roll underground.

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